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How To Clean and Maintain a Underwater Dock Light

on October 22, 2020

When fishing, you want to attract fish to a certain area to catch plenty. The question is, how can you attract fish to a specific area? The answer is underwater dock lights! What are underwater dock lights? Underwater dock lights are lights that illuminate in the water and bring the attention of fish to a certain area.

The dock lights work like this: when the lights are underwater, they reflect off the particles of the water. The particles will grow the attention of food sources that fish eat, therefore, fish will become charmed to that area. The best part of underwater dock lights is that it doesn't matter what color the light is or what light is used, the fish will come no matter what!

Now that you know what underwater fish lights are, we now want to go over how to clean and maintain underwater dock lights.

How To Clean And Maintain A Underwater Dock Light:

Another amazing benefit that you should know about underwater dock lights is that they require little to no maintenance. However, it is good to know what is the perfect underwater dock light to buy and how to put an underwater dock light in securely and safely.

If you don't put the underwater dock light in correctly, it won't capture any fish! That is why we want to help you understand the qualifications that underwater dock light need and to make sure you know how to put one in before you buy one. Underwater dock lights need the following things for it to work effectively:

  • It is capable of going underwater
  • Can emit light that will be able to attract fish
  • The light is intense enough to attract fish
  • A portable source can power the light.

One thing to note with any underwater dock light is that they don't meet all four of these standards. With that being said, it is advised to get dock lights that meet the first, second, and third standards: it can go underwater and that the light works and will be bright enough to lure fish.

Like we mentioned previously, underwater dock lights require no maintenance but there is a guideline to follow if you want to put it in the water correctly. Here is a bullet list on how to install a fishing light:

Each underwater dock light comes with three important parts: a wire shield, outlet dome cover, and a bulb cage. One of the biggest complaints that fishermen have with underwater dock lights is the wire. The wire tends to get nicks in the wire from fish hooks, propellers from boats, and other marine life. Every light comes with a GFCI, a plug that protects the light and dock from nicks. If the wire is damaged, the GFCI will turn off.

To make sure this doesn't happen, you want to use a wire shield. The wire shield is easy to install: all you need to do is to wrap the shield around the wire and zip-tie it. The wire shield is guaranteed to last a lifetime!

Besides the wire, many people have concerns regarding the bulb. The bulb doesn't have protection unlike the wire, but don't worry! The bulb is meant to be tough and is typically lowered enough so boats won't hit it. However, if you do want to protect the bulb, you should use the bulb cage. It is advised that you don't mount them on dock systems because if any other fishermen are fishing by your light, they can hook your light from their fishing lines, thus breaking your light.

Another thing about bulb cages is that they need to be cleaned every couple of weeks. The HID bulbs can clean themselves off, however, they are unable to clean off the cage. So make sure you clean off the barnacles.
The last component that you need to know about is the outlet dome cover. The dome cover protects your outlets or plugs from damage caused by water like rain, splashing, or floods. Keep in mind that these covers don't always protect your outlets from heavy water weather. They are only used for minimal water intrusion.

Using an underwater dock light is crucial if you want to catch fish. The light helps bring attention to food and fish alike. The most important thing when using an underwater dock light is to know what each component does and how to use them. Once you understand this, it is guaranteed that you will capture fish!