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How To Catch Fish Using a Underwater Dock Light

on October 17, 2020

Naturally, fish will stay in specific conditions that have higher chances of catching food and favorable temperatures. For instance, saltwater game fish are more in water bodies with an adequate supply of their food materials such as shrimps, small fish (acts as baitfish), and insects.

Similarly, those insects and small fish are more likely to be concentrated in inadequate food supply areas. Honestly, the best way to understand this chain is by using underwater lighting to catch a fish during your fishing activities.

So, how to use your underwater lighting when fishing?

Although underwater lighting has been in use for many years, modern underwater lighting technology has transformed the fishing sector. For instance, installing your fishing boat with such underwater lighting gears is a recent fishing innovation that can attract immense fortune in your fishing endeavors.

Remember, this kind of lighting can attract enough plankton, which attracts small fish and insects. The food chain starts with planktons attracting insects, which attracts small fish, which finally attracts larger predator fish that you are aiming to catch.

Below are simple steps on how to catch a fish using underwater lighting today.
Entice more baitfish by using a colored source of lighting in contrast to using white light. For instance, the green light is the most appropriate light color to use when fishing in freshwater since freshwater fishes have eyesight adapted to this green color than any other color.

Besides, the green light is recommended when fishing overcast or low-light conditions, especially during the day due to their high light intensity, thus attracting more baitfish.

Note that, whichever the equipment type, underwater lighting, or the tackle you are using, you can't catch fishes that aren't there! In simple terms, you must go fishing in areas where fishes are.

For instance, you find that fishes in most lakes only concentrate around a specific location in a lake w the resting place has less than 1% of the entire fish population.

What is the best number of lights needed in your fishing boat?

Ideally, two or three green lights are more effective when spread about 3 inches to 4 inches apart. This is because it widens the light radius and also can serve more fishers simultaneously.

Besides, you will be able to fish in various water depths even during the night. However, if you are using a small fishing boat, one light will serve you adequately. You can start by experimenting using various colors in case you are using the two light fishing boats.

Factors to consider when picking an ideal underwater fishing light?

Are you aware that scientifically, it is approved that each member of the food supply chain is sensitive to a particular color, and green being the most adapted color?

The ideal underwater fishing light should have at least the following characteristics. It should naturally submerge in water. Emits light that matches the particular condition of where are fishing (highest fish congregate).

Power-efficient such that a portable power source can fully power it. However, the ideal feature is the first due to your boat's energy amount that might get lost if it reflects light off the water surface. It is hard to get underwater lighting equipment that meets all the above features, especially for commercial purposes.

Why are underwater fish light so useful?

Indeed, with an underwater fish light, you are sure to see fish clearly, but the main issues are catching them rather than seeing them. The good news is that with several simple fishing techniques, you will be a night fishing expert.

The key reason behind these underwater fish light's effectiveness is because of the ideal feeding cycle they cause. Large fish will be returning every night since they are assured of getting food around your dock.

You can easily see fishes moving around once you put on your fish light but remember to remain patient. Refrain from casting your hooks immediately after installing the light. Let fishes get familiar with the light until they are entirely comfortable.

You can even start throwing some shrimps and other insects that might attract more fishes as they compete for food. The best way to catch is by casting your hooks past the light so that you can reel slowly toward the light to lure them.