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Underwater Dock Lighting

The #1 Manufacturer of underwater green fishing lights

LED Light System

Our lights are powered by bright, safe, efficient, long-lasting LED fishing light illuminating the water with 12,000 lumens.

Easy To Maintain & Setup

Our lights are easy to setup automatically sink to the bottom right side up. Our decagon glass top allows for easy cleaning.

underwater dock light

Underwater Green LED Fishing Light

Total Aquaglow's underwater dock lights are superior to the competition. Our light enters the water at 24V for a safer experience. LEDS that last longer and illuminate at 12,000 lumens reflecting from the top to the surface.

Our lights withstand high currents, casting nets, wave action, and much more to provide a luxurious lighting experience without the hassle.

Total Aquaglow's lights are made out of stainless steel making our lights the toughest compared to competitors. Easy to install and will attract plenty of fish for the entire family to enjoy.

Easy to install and setup, in less than 15 minutes. Our lights can be thrown into the water after being plugged in and will automatically place them selves into position on the surface below.

A 1-year limited manufacturing warranty to ensure high-quality products. Our unique decagon design and stainless steel frame allows for a long-lasting clean green fishing light.  

Safe In The Water

We use safe LED's that enter the water at 24V increasing the safety for anyone around the light while it's illuminated.

Build To Last

Built from 304 stainless steel our green fishing lights insure a long lasting experience and can withstand saltwater enviroments.

Underwater Green Light Features

Energy Output

12,000 Lumens

304 Stainless Steel

Cord Length
35 Feet

Setup Time
> 15 Minutes

Simple and Easy

Our Favorite Photos

boat green light
fish attracting green light
green light in the water
snook green light
bait fish green light
green dock light
green light fish attractor
underwater dock lights
Total Aquaglow

Attract the Bait; Here comes the Fish

Our underwater dock lights attract plankton that smaller fish enjoy feeding on. This attracts larger fish that eat the smaller bait fish. This creates a food source for bigger game fish and before you know it you will have game fish returning to your dock for there next meal!

green fishing light specifications

Simple to Install and Maintain!

Total Aquaglow's Underwater green light is designed to be simple to setup. You can throw our light into the water in any direction and our lights will land on the bottom straight up every time! Plug the light into a timer or directly into your docks GFCI outlet and throw the light into the water at your desired location. Once the sun goes down the light will start to attract all types of wildlife to you dock for the entire family to enjoy.

Our lighting systems are easy to maintain and clean simply pull the light out of the water and using a chisel scrap any barnacles or wildlife that may have accumulated over time off the light. Our special decagon design makes it more efficient and easier to clean then our competitors.


What Our Customers Have To Say

Ninnette L.

This is unbelievable. After using countless underwater led fishing lights for my dock the Total Aquaglow's light is the brightest I have used. Little to no barnacles accumulate and the amount of fish it attracts is amazing.

Matthew S.

This led fishing light is the best on the market. The illumination in the water is unbelievable. Fish are swimming all over my dock and fishing has never been better. I recommend purchasing this light for your home dock!

Spense I.

The green fishing light from Total Aquaglow is high quality and doesn't feel like it's moving from it's current location. The illumination is great and plenty of fish are swimming around our new dock. Thank you for the amazing viewing experience!

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